the four elements

“Metaphysically and esoterically there is but ONE ELEMENT in nature, and at the root of it is the Deity; and the so-called seven elements, of which five have already manifested and asserted their existence, are the garment, the veil, of that deity;

direct from the essence whereof comes MAN, whether physically, psychically, mentally or spiritually considered.

Four elements only are generally spoken of in later antiquity, five admitted only in philosophy.

For the body of ether is not fully manifested yet, and its noumenon is still “the Omnipotent Father – Aether, the synthesis of the rest.”

But what are these “ELEMENTS” whose compound bodies have now been discovered by Chemistry and Physics to contain numberless sub-elements.

Fire, Air, Water, Earth were but the visible garb, the symbols of the informing, invisible Souls or Spirits – the Cosmic gods to whom worship was offered by the ignorant, and simple, respectful recognition by the wiser.

In their turn the phenomenal subdivisions of the noumenal Elements were informed by the Elementals, so-called, the “Nature Spirits” of lower grades.

With the Hermetic philosopher they are FORCES relatively “blind”, or “intelligent”, according to which of the principles in them he deals with.

It required long millenniums before they found themselves, in our cultured age, finally degraded into simple chemical elements.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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