understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you want to prove something right, you can always do it. If you want to prove something wrong, you can prove it wrong, because the wrong is in the mind of the individual who sees it.

Dear Ones, remember! you are a world of your own; and the minute you allow someone to intrude inharmony in it, you are going to pay the penalty, because you accepted it; and later you will find you have to undo the whole thing.

That to Me is one of the pitiful things in mankind’s experience.

Dear Ones, unless you will call the “Mighty I AM Presence” to draw Its Tube of Light about you, you have no more idea than an infant of the suggestions which are playing upon you from the general atmosphere.

Sometimes they are consciously directed; but even if they were not, you are moving in a sea of human suggestions all the time.

If there is not something to shut them out of your feeling world, they are compelled to come in and act.

Because of the quality and activity of your feeling world, each one of you is similar. Then why would they not come in?

Here is a tremendous point! Because of the accumulation of discord and because of the similarity, the feeling world has been living and running itself, oh, for many centuries.

Then is it any wonder your feeling keeps reaching out all the time, instead of standing guard?

The Guard of your “Mighty I AM Presence” is actually holding Its Dominion in many of the precious “I AM” Students today.


They are getting this Wall of Light to the point where It stands as Guard around them, and nothing comes through It that they do not want.

That is what every one of you should do.

Do you know how quickly your “Mighty I AM Presence” would produce your Tube of Light and make It Invincible, if you would maintain Harmony in your feelings?

In forty-eight hours your “Presence” would make that Tube of Light Invincible to any human suggestions, if you would hold your feelings harmonious and maintain it.”


The Great Tenor

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