the seven creations

“(V) The Tiryaksrotas (or Tairyagyonya) creation, that of the “(sacred) animals”, corresponding only on Earth, to the dumb animal creation.

That which is meant by “animals”, in primary Creation, is the germ of awakening consciousness or of apperception, that which is faintly traceable in some sensitive plants on Earth and more distinctly in the protistic monera (neither plant nor animal, but an existence between the two).

On our globe, during the First Round, animal “creation” precedes that of man, while the former (or mammal) evolves from the latter in our Fourth Round – on the physical plane:  in Round I the animal atoms are drawn into a cohesion of human physical form; while in Round IV the reverse occurs according to magnetic conditions developed during life.

This fifth stage of evolution, called exoterically “Creation”, may be viewed in both the Primary and Secondary periods, one as the Spiritual and Cosmic, the other as the material and terrestrial.

It is at this period of Evolution that the absolutely eternal universal motion, or vibration, that which is called in Esoteric language “the GREAT BREATH”, differentiates in the primordial, first manifested ATOM.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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