understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, Precious People, do not deceive yourselves anymore. I say this in all kindness. I want you to have the Victory;  but if you allow yourselves to get disturbed, you cannot help but see that you let the inharmony into your world.

It is you, Dear Ones – you are the regulator of what is going to act in your world. No one can regulate it for you.

For instance, like Saint Germain told the Messenger last night when he had this hoarseness: “Well”, He said, “he went out and found it, so it is up to him to chase it out. If I chased it out for him, he might do it more quickly the next time.”

So, whatever you do which allows something to find action in your world, it is your responsibility – not anything or anyone else’s.

That is what mankind has been unwilling to recognize, and even more willing to accept – because of course up until three years ago, people were believing everyone else was responsible for the trouble but themselves;

but after all, a thing cannot act in your feeling world without some invitation from you.

I wish you could see your own feeling world right now. Just now, you would like to look at it. Possibly a few years ago you would not have cared to.

If you were to see the change in your precious feeling worlds, even with some mistakes which you have made, you would realize it is as definite as daylight and darkness.

Then go on and change it completely into the Light of the Ascended Masters.

Do not think for one minute, We would ever say a thing that was not true, even to encourage you. We might be silent; but never, never do We speak an untruth.

When We see you sincerely and earnestly attaining such great accomplishment, I, Myself, will always tell you; but of course you must not be puffed up about it.

The more humble you are to this Great “Presence” of all Light, the quicker will come your Eternal Freedom.”


The Great Tenor

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