understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you allow Me to help you tonight by these Explanations?

Please, every one of you, when you arise in the morning do not move from your room until you call the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, to charge your mind and body with Its Intelligent Direction; with Its Enfolding Power of Divine Love; with Its Limitless Energy.

And bring your hands down over your body and charge it – you will get stronger results because you feel you are physically doing something. You do!

You actually reach into this Substance or Radiance of the Energy and draw It down more firmly into the body. There is no question about it.

If you would only do these things, and not let one solitary thing disturb you until you have done them – what marvelous results you would have.

It only takes a few minutes; but oh, what that means to you through the day; and watch your feelings!”


The Great Tenor

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