the seven creations

“(III) The third (the Indriya) was the modified form of Ahankara, the conception of “I”, termed the organic Creation, or creation of the senses.

“These three were the Prakrita creation, the (discrete) developments of indiscrete nature preceded by the indiscrete principle.”

“Preceded by”, ought to be replaced here with “beginning by”, Buddhi;

for the latter is neither a discrete nor an indiscrete quantity, but partakes of the nature of both, in man as in Kosmos: a unit – a human MONAD on the plane of illusion – when once freed from the three forms of Ahankara and liberated from its terrestrial Manas, Buddhi becomes truly a continued quantity, both in duration and extension, because eternal and immortal.

This “creation” of the immortals, the “Deva-Sarga”, is the last of the first series, and has a universal reference; namely, to evolutions in general, not speccifically to our Manvantara;

but the latter begins with the same over and over again, showing that it refers to several distinct Kalpas.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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