the seven creations

The Seven Creations described in India (cont.)

“(II) The second Creation, “Bhuta”, was of rudimental principles (Tanmatras), thence termed the elemental creation.

It is the period of the first breath of the differentiation of the pre-Cosmic Elements or matter.

In the Vishnu Purana it is said to proceed along, and belong to, the triple aspect of Ahankara, translated Egotism, but meaning rather that untranslatable term the “I-AM-NESS”, that which first issues from Mahat, or divine mind;

the first shadowy outline of Self-hood, for “pure” Ahankara becomes “passionate” and finally “rudimental” (initial);

it is “the origin of conscious as of all unconscious being”, though the Esoteric school rejects the idea of anything being “unconscious” – except on this (our) plane of illusion and ignorance.

At this stage of the Second Creation, the second hierarchy of the Manus appear, the Dhyani-Chohans or Devas, who are the origin of Form.

In astronomical and cosmogonical language this Creation relates to the first stage of Cosmic-life, the Fire Mist Period after its Chaotic stage, when atoms issue from Laya.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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