understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, the requirements are so simple; yet I marvel at the pull of the attention, for it is so tremendous. The pull of the attention to the outer world must be stopped, so We must just keep on trying.

It is a long time since I have been in direct contact with the people of the Earth. Yet, I could scarcely have believed ten years ago that there was so much which is magnificent within mankind on Earth as there is today.

Every one on Earth should thank your Beloved Saint Germain! When you are inclined to be impatient, think of Him!

Even in His recent Activity of two hundred years or more in His endeavor to serve America, only now is He beginning to see definite results.

Then, you get impatient in a few hours.

What is impatience? I mean the quality of that is acting which produces impatience.  Oh, do not throw stones at Me when I say this.  It is a lack of confidence!

It really is, if analyzed from the Inner standpoint; for if you have sufficient confidence in your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you cannot be impatient, because you know definitely that It is All-Wise and Its Wisdom and Power is Directing.

You see, as individuals on Earth are so much in the pull of the outer world, you do not settle down and let yourselves get still enough to feel the Reality of these things, or to feel the various activities which many times are making people go astray in the feeling.

Today, in all that is required, you are the most fortunate of beings. Why do you wonder, when almost every one of Us tells you that? – not to pat you on the back, but because it is a great Law of your Life which is acting.

You might say to Me, “Well, I have earned it.” Surely enough! Surely enough you have, by centuries of activity. If you had not, you would not even be interested or have it now;

but since you have become interested, why not enter in with the full Glory and speed of achievement which will give you the enthusiasm, the joy, and the energy?

In calling forth this Energy with such power, you cannot fail to have the results and the proof that you want.

It gives you the confidence to know your Victory is certain.”


The Great Tenor

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