understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Night before last, I talked with Saint Germain concerning the nearness of the time in which certain things could be brought forth to give Assistance to mankind outside of their own direct Application.

He said He thought it was not yet time; but according to the intensity of the Students’ desire, it might come quickly.

Now, Saint Germain is a Musician, as well as Myself;  but I feel the greatest achievement and means for maintaining Harmony within the feeling world of individuals, and the greatest means of reaching the greatest number of people will come through music of the right kind.

I assure you that when mankind begin to hear these musical productions and feel the action within their own human forms, there will not be one person on Earth who will not have that music and use it.

There are certain compositions – now you see how practical I am – certain compositions which heal cancer within an hour. There are certain compositions – now mark you! not only just one which will do this, but certain compositions that will release congestion within the lungs within the hour.

They will cause it to be thrown off , because the natural impulse of your atomic structure is to repel everything of a discordant quality.

It is not always able to do it because you keep crowding it, and crowding it, and crowding it with too much substance.

There are certain definite compositions which act upon the various organs of the body – the kidneys, the liver, and the various organs – to harmonize them and cause to be thrown off all the disturbing conditions.

Those blessed organs of the human body! What a struggle they have calling constantly, “Don’t give me anymore to do right away!” Yet they find it coming down just the same.

Do you know the anxiety of the people of Earth today is the principle cause of all stomach disturbance? Of course, there are other causes too. If you put too much firewater in it, it is sure to cause disastrous results.

You know, I really think your American Indians had a marvelous name for that peculiar liquid. If it does not set human beings on fire, then what could?

The Violet Flame is not in it, however.”


The Great Tenor

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