the theogony of the creative gods

“The Esoteric doctrine of the East having thus furnished and struck the keynote – which is as scientific as it is philosophical and poetical, as may be seen, under its allegorical garb – every nation has followed its lead.

It is from the exoteric religions that we have to dig out the root-idea before we turn to esoteric truths, less the latter should be rejected.

Furthermore, every symbol – in every national religion – may be read esoterically, and the proof furnished for its being correctly read by transliterating it into its corresponding numerals and geometrical forms – by the extraordinary agreement of all – however much the glyphs and symbols may vary among themselves.

For in the origin those symbols were all identical.

Eastern Esotericism has never degraded the One Infinite Deity, the container of all things, to such uses; and this is shown by the absence of Brahma from the Rig Veda and the modest positions occupied therein by Rudra and Vishnu, who became the powerful and great gods, the “Infinites” of esoteric creeds, ages later.

But even they, “Creators” as the three may be, are not the direct creators and “forefathers of men.”

The latter are shown occupying a still lower scale, and are called Prajapatis, the Pitris (our lunar ancestors), etc., etc. – never the “One Infinite God.”

Esoteric philosophy shows only physical man as created in the image of the Deity; but the latter is but “the minor gods.”

It is the HIGHER SELF, the real EGO who alone is divine and GOD.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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