the theogony of the creative gods

“One thing is thus undeniably proven. The more one studies their Hierarchies and finds out their identity, the more proofs one acquires that there is not one of the past and present personal gods, known to us from the earliest days of history, that does not belong to the third stage or cosmic manifestation.

In every religion we find the concealed deity forming the groundwork; then the ray therefrom, that falls into primordial cosmic matter (first manifestation);

then the androgyne result, the dual Male and Female abstract Force, personified (second stage);

this separates itself finally, in the third, into seven Forces, called the creative Powers by all the ancient religions, and the “Virtues of God” by the Christians.

The latter explanation and metaphysical abstract qualifications have never prevented the Roman and Greek Churches from worshipping these “Virtues” under the personifications and distinct names of the seven Archangels.

For the present it is sufficient to show, by a few instances, the truth of what was asserted at the beginning of this monograph, namely, that no Cosmogony, the world over, with the sole exception of the Christian, has ever attributed to the One Highest cause, the UNIVERSAL Deific Principle, the immediate creation of our Earth, man, or anything connected with these.

This statement holds as good for the Hebrew or Chaldean Kabbalah as it does for Genesis, had the latter been ever thoroughly understood, and – what is still more important – correctly translated.

Everywhere there is either a LOGOS – a “Light shining in DARKNESS”, truly – or the Architect of the World is esoterically a plural number.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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