understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Beloved Ones, there is no Victory as long as intoxicating drinks hold their dominion in your feeling world!

I want every precious “I AM” Student here tonight to know that definitely! Do not feel that you can do those things in secret and not be known.

Think of it!

The unfortunate activity of the human mind, because it cannot have all it wants, because it cannot do all it wants to do, says, “I will drown myself in destructive fire.”

That is just what the sinister force of human creation wants you to do, because then it has its dominion clear and simple within you and can destroy you.

Let us look at all these requirements. Laugh them off, rather than be too serious.

I know of precious ones who have wanted to stop smoking and wanted to stop drink; wanted to stop the use of tobacco of all kinds; and because they became too serious, it still held the desire to them.

Instead they should just let go!

Isn’t that a difficult thing sometimes to do – just let go?

Yet, you will find you can do it!”


The Great Tenor

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