understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Goddess of Liberty drew your attention this afternoon to Happiness. I draw your attention tonight to Harmony.  So be very careful when you get the next or third point of the triangle, because that is going to mean your Victory complete.

When you are able to operate all three in unison, you will find all Victories at hand!

While it is not My regular Activity, throughout the thousands of centuries in which I have lived – oh yes, so have you – yet I have loved Music.

Knowing the need of the day, I shall endeavor to bring forth certain things which will not only make you happy to listen to them; but they will set into operation a certain vibratory action throughout your body.

I have never seen one person in human embodiment yet who would listen to one piece clear through – no matter what the agitation was in the beginning – who did not find Perfect Harmony in his body and feeling world when it was finished.

These are the things, Dear Ones, which as soon as Wisdom directs, will be brought forth for your blessing.”


The Great Tenor

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