understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why the Ascended Masters have said to you, “Do not be impatient.” Oh, Dear Ones, you have only been making your Call a short time yet. Three years is not very long.

I marvel that human beings could be impatient for some of these things, even if it were twenty years.

This Good Brother longed and pled and prayed for more than twenty years for the things that finally came. I would not say that he did not get impatient, but I will say that he never wavered.

*All he needed to do each day was to gather more energy and pour it out again, for that is what makes Victory!*

Oh, Beloved Ones, you cannot gain Victory in any outer thing without firm determination to have it.

Then, after centuries of accumulation, is it not reasonable to believe that today you would need even greater determination in the attaining of the Victory of your Life?

Now, mark you, I am talking about your Life! In the attainment of the Victory of your own Life today, Harmony is far more imperative than ever before.

Many have had difficulty in maintaining Harmony and Self-control because they allowed, unknowingly, to come into their feeling world, feelings and suggestions which disturbed them.”


The Great Tenor

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