the theogony of the creative gods

“Pythagoras esteemed the Deity (the Logos) to be the center of unity and “Source of Harmony”.

We say this Deity was the Logos, not the MONAD that dwelleth in Solitude and Silence, because Pythagoras taught that UNITY being indivisible is no number.

And this is also why it was required of the candidate, who applied for admittance into his school, that he should have already studied as a preliminary step, the Sciences of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry and Music, held as the four divisions of Mathematics.

Again, this explains why the Pythagoreans asserted that the doctrine of Numbers – the chief of all in Esotericism – had been revealed to man by the celestial deities;

that the world had been called forth out of Chaos by Sound or Harmony, and constructed according to the principles of musical proportion;

that the seven planets which rule the destiny of mortals have a harmonious motion “and intervals corresponding to musical diastemes, rendering various sounds, so perfectly consonant, that they produce the sweetest melody, which is inaudible to us, only by reason of the greatness of the sound, which our ears are incapable of receiving.”

At the beginning of every cycle of 4,320,000, the Seven (or, as some nations had it, eight) great gods, descended to establish the new order of things and give the impetus to the new cycle.

That eighth god was the unifying Circle or LOGOS, separated and made distinct from its host.

“The MIGHTY ONES perform their great works, and leave behind them everlasting monuments to commemorate their visit, every time they penetrate within our mayavic veil (atmosphere)”, says a Commentary.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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