the theogony of the creative gods

“There are two distinct aspects in universal Esotericism, Eastern and Western, in all those personations of the female Power in nature, or nature – the noumenal and the phenomenal.

One is its purely metaphysical aspect; the other terrestrial and physical, and at the same time divine from the standpoint of practical human conception and Occultism.

They are all the symbols and personifications of Chaos, the “Great Deep” or the Primordial Waters of Space, the impenetrable VEIL between the INCOGNIZABLE and the Logos of Creation.

These feminine Logoi are all correlations, in their noumenal aspect, of Light, and Sound, and Ether, showing how well-informed were the ancients both in physical science (as known to the moderns), and as to the birth of that science in the Spiritual and Astral spheres.

These personations and allegories may be viewed under four (chief) and three (lesser) aspects or seven in all, as in Esotericism.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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