understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Children of the One God, the “Mighty I AM”, in the search for all that you require in the outer world, what is your first requirement? Look at anything you will in Life, in your experiences of Life, and then tell Me what the first requirement is.

Harmony, is it not? No particular achievement can be attained without it.

Saint Germain has perceived that you are ready for the Service which it is My Joy to render.

Tonight I shall start an Activity in your feeling world which I am sure will help you greatly to hold Self-control and Harmony in your feelings – the imperative need of today.

Dear Ones, even if it were not of consideration in attaining the Goal of your Victory, still Harmony maintained in your feelings is the imperative need for the protection of mankind today.

As each one of Us represents a Special Activity which mankind needs, then as the time approaches We are only too glad to render Our Service to those who wish to have It.

Of course, you understand, We never intrude!

Do not be afraid that you are going to have some intrusion into your world, which you might not want.

I wonder if there is anyone who does not want harmony.

Oh, Beloved Ones, realize what that means to your health, to your victory wherever you attention rests – whether it be an outer achievement or your Goal in the Light.

Without it you cannot go far.”


The Great Tenor

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