understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to say to Mr. Sindelar tonight, he does not realize, in his recent ideal figure (the cover design of the February 1938 issue of The Voice of the “I AM”), how close he came to My Likeness.

So, after all, from the Inner Impulses many times splendid things come forth.

How often when the outer is doing a thing, one naturally appreciates it, and all that; but if the individual knew the Reality back of it, how much greater would be the rejoicing.

So it is with many today who are having experiences for which they are grateful; yet did they understand the Intelligence and Power back of those experiences, how much greater their gratitude would be.

Dear Ones, once you wish to know – now demand to know and understand the Law of your own Life which is operating all the time. You do not need to give any special attention to the various phases of Its Activity. It is just a general activity which you handle.

You think you are thankful for what you have learned, but that is what you have ordinarily termed an involuntary action. It is not involuntary, however; for in all outer manifestation there is never really one involuntary action.

All is directed by Intelligence and Its activity through your body.

The Light, Energy, and Intelligence of course is compelled to carry the quality which you give It because you are the authority in your world as to how this Energy is going to act for you.”


The Great Tenor

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