the theogony of the creative gods

“This great circle (which Eastern Esotericism reduces to the point within the Boundless Circle) is the Avalokitesvara, the Logos or Verbum of which Subba Row speaks.

But this circle or manifested God is as unknown to us, except through its manifested universe, as the ONE, though easier, or rather more possible to our highest conceptions.

This Logos which sleeps in the bosom of Parabrahman during Pralaya, as our “Ego is latent (in us) at the time of sushupti or sleep”;

which cannot cognize Parabrahman otherwise than as Mulaprakriti – the latter being a cosmic veil which is “the mighty expanse of cosmic matter” – is thus only an organ in cosmic creation, through which radiate the energy and wisdom of Parabrahman, unknown to the Logos, as it is to ourselves.

Moreover, as the Logos is as unknown to us as Parabrahman is unknown in reality to the Logos, both Eastern Esotericism and the Kabbalah – in order to bring the Logos within the range of our conceptions – have resolved the abstract synthesis into concrete images;

viz., into the reflections or multiplied aspects of the Logos or Avalokitesvara, Brahma, Ormazd, Osiris, Adam-Kadmon, call it by any of these names – which aspects or Manvantaric emanations are the Dhyani-Chohans, the Elohim, the Devas, the Amshaspends, etc., etc.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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