understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“What do you think about the beets that are red? Do you know they were white once? How did they get the color?


How did they?

By the feeling of human discord. Why is the blood in your body red? Because of the impurity and imperfection that is there. As soon as all imperfection can be dismissed, the blood of your body will be a golden liquid.

That is why, Beloved Ones, the color of red as known in the outer world, because of the mass consciousness of it, produces irritation, inharmony, discord, and limitations to the individuals who use it or have it about them.

I ask you to watch these things, because in the outer activity of the world which is coming you will see these things disappear. The red beets will disappear. The tomatoes will change their color.

Now, why? Why is the tomato red? These are tremendous things, Dear Ones.

It might sound childish, but let us be children for a while.

Every one of you knows that not so many years ago the consciousness of mankind said tomatoes were poisonous, did it not? People were afraid to eat them.

Then where is the reason for their color? Qualification by the feeling of mankind!

Do you not see that, Dear Ones? Do you see how it acts throughout Nature?

Then, how much more powerfully does it act upon you, the most sensitive organism in the Universe today?”


Serapis Bey

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