demon est deus inversus

“The origin of the “War in Heaven” and the FALL has, in our mind, to be traced unavoidably to India, and perhaps far earlier than the Puranic accounts thereof.

There are three accounts, each of a distinct war, to be traced in almost every Cosmogony.


In the Esoteric Doctrine, one war takes place before the building of the solar system;  another, on earth, at the “creation” of man;  and a third “war” is mentioned as taking place at the close of the Fourth Race, between its adepts and those of the Fifth Race, i.e., between the Initiates of the “Sacred Island” and the Sorcerers of Atlantis.

Whether the Brahman Initiates will ever give out the full meaning of these allegories, is a question with which the writer is not concerned.

The present object is to show that, while honoring the creative Powers in their multiple forms, no philosopher could, or ever has, accepted the allegory for the true Spirit.

This is why the Occultists and even some Kabbalists, whether they regard or not those creative Forces as living and conscious Entities – and one does not see why they should not be so accepted – will never confuse the CAUSE with the effect, and accept the Spirit of the Earth for Parabrahman or Ain-Soph.

At all events they know well the true nature of what was called Father-Aether by the Greeks, Jupiter-Titan, etc., etc.

They know that the soul of the ASTRAL LIGHT is divine, and its body (the light-waves on the lower planes) infernal.

This Light is symbolized by the “Magic Head” in the Zohar, the double Face on the double Pyramid:  the black Pyramid rising against a pure white ground, with a white head and face within its black triangle; the white pyramid, inverted – the reflection of the first in the dark waters, showing the black reflection of the white face.

This is the “Astral Light”, or DEMON EST DEUS INVERSUS.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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