understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Precious Ones, sometimes you think you are hard-boiled and dense. Do you know that the brain structure in your head, when untouched by the destructive substances of the outer world such as the tobacco, intoxicants, and all such substances, is the most wonderful thing in the whole Universe of human activity.

If left to its own Perfection it would sense, feel, and respond to the most delicate vibrations. Just so does your Heart respond today.

***You cannot do to your Heart what you do to the brain, because the Power of your “Presence” is anchored within your Heart.***

Why do people sometimes say and feel, and even the x-ray shows that they have valvular trouble in the Heart? Purely by human suggestion!

The Heart of Itself can no more have valvular trouble or any imperfection whatever – unless imposed upon It by human suggestion – than you can change the activity of the Universe.


***Because your physical Heart is the anchorage of the Power of God, the Infinite Power of Light in your human body;***

***for within It is a tiny Unfed Flame from the Heart of your Electronic Body.***

That is why your Heart cannot be disturbed except from suggestions imposed upon It.”


Serapis Bey

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