the moon, deus lunus, phoebe

“In religious rites the moon served a dual purpose. Personified as a female goddess for exoteric purposes, or as a male god in allegory and symbol, in occult philosophy our satellite was regarded as a sexless Potency to be well studied, because it was to be dreaded.

With the initiated Aryans, Chaldeans, Greeks and Romans, Soma, Sin, Artemis-Soteria (the hermaphrodite Apollo, whose attribute is the lyre, and the bearded Diana of the bow and arrow), Deus Lunus, and especially Osiris-Lunus and Thoth Lunus, were the occult potencies of the moon.

But whether male or female, whether Thoth or Minerva, Soma or Astoreth, the Moon is the Occult mystery of mysteries, and more a symbol of evil than of good.

Her seven phases (original, esoteric division) are divided into three astronomical phenomena and four purely psychic phases.

That the moon was not always reverenced is shown in the Mysteries, in which the death of the moon-god (the three phases of gradual waning and final disappearance) was allegorized by the moon standing for the genius of evil that triumphs for the time over the light and life-giving god (the sun), and all the skill and learning of the ancient Hierophants in Magic was required to turn this triumph into a defeat.

It was the most ancient worship of all, that of the Third Race of our Round, the Hermaphrodites, to whom the male-moon became sacred, when after all the “Fall” so-called, the sexes had become separated.

“Deus Lunus” then became an androgyne, male and female in turn, to serve finally, for purposes of sorcery, as a dual power, to the Fourth Root-Race, the Atlanteans.

With the Fifth (our own) the lunar-solar worship divided the nations into two distinct, antagonistic camps.

It led to the events described aeons later in the Mahabharatan War, which to the Europeans is the fabulous, to the Hindus and the Occultists the historical, strife between the Suryavansas and the Induvansas.

Originating in the dual aspect of the moon, the worship of the female and the male principles respectively, it ended in distinct solar and lunar cults.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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