understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You Students do not yet fully realize, that in your acceptance of your “Presence” and harmony in your feelings, you could quickly sweep out of your world every limiting, discordant thing with a speed that would be amazing.

Why have you not done it? Because you are allowing your attention to be constantly drawn out onto the world of human experience.

In spite of yourself, your attention goes here and there on human creation. As long as it rests there, you are not having the Perfection of the “Presence” which is the intent of this Instruction.

Hold your attention there firmly enough until the human appearance, which swings like a pendulum all the time, cannot draw your attention.

If I were to hang a pendulum in this room and start it in motion, how many of you would not look at it? I venture there are not half a dozen in the room who would not turn involuntarily and look at that swinging pendulum.

That is the reason, Beloved Ones, why you must be firm enough to compel your attention to stay where you put it.”


Serapis Bey

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