the moon, deus lunus, phoebe

“The whole pantheon of the lunar gods and goddesses, Nephthys or Neith, Proserpina, Mylitta, Cybele, Isis, Astarte, Venus, and Hecate, on the one hand, and Apollo, Dionysius, Adonis, Bacchus, Osiris, Atys, Thammuz, ect., etc., on the other, all show on the face of their names and titles – those of “Sons” and “Husbands” of their mothers – their identity with the Christian Trinity.

In every religious system the gods were made to merge their functions as Father, Son and Husband, into one, and the goddesses were identified as “Wife, Mother, and Sister of the male God; the former synthesizing the human attributes as the “Sun, the giver of Life”, the latter merging all the other titles in the grand synthesis known as Maia, Maya, Maria, etc., a generic name.

Maia, in its forced derivation, has come to mean with the Greeks, “mother”, from the root ma (nurse), and even gave its name to the month of May, which was sacred to all those goddesses before it became consecrated to Mary.

Its primitive meaning, however, was Maya, Durga, translated by the Orientalists as “inaccessible”, but meaning in truth the “unreachable”, in the sense of illusion and unreality; as being the source and cause of spells, the personification of ILLUSION.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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