understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Look upon your World today! Of all that is here, is there anyone – now notice this closely – is there one thing of your outer world today which has not some kind of limitation?

Can you show Me one thing in your outer world of the human octave which does not in some manner have limitations? I think not.


Then, that limitation of the appearance world is still human creation, even with as much of the beauty and Perfection as you have.

Why do I say “human creation”? Because there is still limitation in it.

For instance, take the most beautiful roses you have in the World today. They look as though they were almost as perfect as they could be; but I say to you, they are hardly a comparison with the perfection which can be and will be yet manifested in your midst.

I say this to you just as one illustration – I cannot take time to give you more.

If you were to take a rosebush in your lawn or garden and you would go to that rosebush every morning and say, “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge Your Perfection into that rosebush and bring forth the most perfect roses!” – you would see come forth such Perfection as the human does not believe possible.

You can do that! You can take an orange tree, stand and charge it with the Perfection of the “Presence”, and leave the rest alone and see the difference.

This means, Dear People, any of you can prove this Law true to your entire satisfaction, if you will; but if you do not apply It, how can you be satisfied?

We see the great, great, earnest, sincere, intense Application many are making – the majority; but never tire. Never become impatient. Never cease Application until you have swept out of your world every disturbing, limiting thing.

It must come because it is the Law of your Life.

It is compelled to answer.”



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