understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, let Me remind you again tonight that when you call forth this Great Power of your”Presence”, Its Mighty, Intelligent Energy goes into Action; and It is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance!

It knows no opposition nor interference! That Light does not fear darkness! The Light knows no opposition from any kind of human creation!

Therefore, when you call the Power of your “Presence” – which is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance – to sweep in and through your body and sweep out all imperfection, Its Light just floods into, through, and around you and sweeps out all disturbance, providing you are not still determined that there is some left.

Many times We have seen the beloved Students make earnest, sincere Calls and every bit of disturbance be swept out. Ten minutes later in their feelings they would begin to wonder and let the whole condition return.

Train yourself, when you make your Application to be firm as the Rock of Gibraltar that the thing desired is accomplished. Then stand by it, no matter how the appearances scream at you afterwards;

and you will have your Victory very quickly.”



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