the lotus, as a universal symbol

“The Lotus and Water are among the oldest symbols, and in their origin are purely Aryan, though they became common property during the branching off of the Fifth Race.

Let us give an example. Letters, as much as numbers, were all mystic, whether in combination or each taken separately.

The most sacred of all is the letter M. It is both feminine and masculine, or androgyne, and is made to symbolize WATER, the great deep, in its origin. It is mystic in all languages, Eastern and Western, and stands as a glyph for the waves, thus ʌʌʌ.

In the Aryan Esotericism, as in the Semitic, this letter has always stood for the waters; e.g., in Sanskrit MAKARA – the tenth sign of the zodiac – means a crocodile, or rather an aquatic monster associated always with water.

The letter MA is equivalent to and corresponds with the number 5 – composed of a binary, the symbol of the two sexes separated, and of the ternary, symbol of the third life, the progeny of the binary. This again is often symbolized by a Pentagon, the latter being a sacred sign, a divine Monogram.

MAITREYA is the sacred name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar of the Brahmins – the last MESSIAH who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle.

It is also the initial of the letter of the Greek Metis or Divine Wisdom; of Memrah, the “word” or Logos; and of Mithras (the Mihr), the Monad, Mystery.

All these are born in , and from, the great Deep, and are the Sons of Maya – the Mother; In Egypt, Mut, in Rome Minerva (divine wisdom); Mary, or Miriam, Myrrha, etc., the Mother of the Christian Logos, and of Maya, the Mother of Buddha.

Madhava and Madhavi are the titles of the most important gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

Finally, Mandala is in Sanskrit “a circle”, or an orb (the ten divisions of the Rig Veda).

The most sacred names in India begin with this letter generally – from Mahat, the first manifested intellect, and Mandara, the great mountain used by the gods to churn the Ocean, down to Mandakini, the heavenly Ganja (Ganges), Manu, etc., etc.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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