the lotus, as a universal symbol

“Applied to practical and exoteric worship – which had also its esoteric symbology – the lotus became in time the carrier and container of a more terrestrial idea.

No dogmatic religion has ever escaped the sexual element in it; and to this day it soils the moral beauty of the root idea.

The following is quoted from the same Kabbalistic manuscript already mentioned:

“Pointing to like signification was the lotus growing in the waters of the Nile. Its mode of growth peculiarly fitted as a symbol of the generative activities. The flower of the lotus, which is the bearer of the seed for reproduction as the result of its maturing, is connected by its placenta-like attachment with mother-earth, or the womb of Isis, through the water of the womb, that is, the river Nile, by means of the long cord-like stalk, the umbilicus.

Nothing can be plainer than the symbol, and to make it perfect in its intended signification, a child is sometimes represented as seated in or issuing from the flower.

Thus Osiris and Isis, the children of Chronos, or time without end, in the development of their nature forces, in this picture become the parents of the man under the name Horus. (Ralston Skinner)””


H. P. Blavatsky

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