understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, recently the Messenger had a letter from London, saying that the language in the Magazine was very unbecoming – it said “Dear Hearts” and “Precious Ones” four of five times on each page. They thought that was out of place.

We should worry about that individual’s opinion?

But I am speaking of these things to prompt you, Precious Hearts, not to be caught in the snare of human, intellectual conceit. That individual was so conceited he just deprived himself of the great Blessing which was there.

You will notice the Messengers do not care a thing about human opinions. Some of the great intellects tore them to shreds when the Books first went out, picking flaws here and there.

Well, the only flaws were those who did the criticizing. They should pick out their own flaws and get rid of them.

Precious Hearts, mankind must come to Our Point of Obedience if they are going to be Free.

I sometimes stand amazed; for in the beginning mankind was given the prompting when Victory, as you have come to know Him now – the Tall Master from Venus – issued the Edict for the Earth from the Great Royal Teton:
that this Work should go forth in simple language which the layman could understand, or even a small child. He said it should be simple and understandable, but powerful and majestic in Its Activity and Results.

If individuals want to allow the conceit of the intellect to turn them aside from the Blessings of this Work which Saint Germain has brought forth, then it is quite all right;

but thanks to the Infinite Light, those individuals are but few.

It is marvelous!”



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