understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, think of this Work today in America! Five years ago scarcely anybody knew that such a thing as an Ascended Master existed. The Western world scarcely knew or ever heard of such a thing.

Yet today, out of the nearly four hundred thousand Students, three hundred and twenty-five thousand are accepting this Mighty Truth. They are feeling It deeply within their beings. It is their Freedom!

Why do you have advanced instructors in your schools? You have the kindergarten, grade school, high school, and so on, up to your college and university.

The instructors in the universities and colleges are supposed to be much more advanced than the kindergarten. Well, the same Law applies throughout the Universe.

We, having passed through the experiences which you are in today, know how to convey to you the Application and give you the Assistance which will bring you to Us in Eternal Freedom;

but if you will not let Us help you, how can We? This is what I want you to feel tonight.

In your Application, Beloved Ones, if at any point you need Assistance, then that Assistance must come to you from Us, because it is the Law of your Life.

Do you think the Law of your Life, which is beating your Heart, seeing your earnest, determined desire to be free, will not call to Its Assistance anything required to give you the help which would be your Victory?

It is Life, your Life, Precious Ones, which is calling for Its Freedom.

It is not a matter of your human opinion at all! Of course your human opinion can interfere with it temporarily; but it is your Life which is calling for Its Freedom.

That is why your Heart knows the Truth which your intellect will not always accept.

That has been the magnificent thing in this Work which Saint Germain has brought forth in this magnificent Instruction. It is simple, but All-powerful to set you free!

It does mean – oh, you can’t get away from it, Dear Hearts – that you must make your earnest, determined Application and keep it up, until your momentum becomes strong enough to sweep everything out of your world, consuming all disturbance or limitations.”



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