the lotus, as a universal symbol

“The lotus flower, represented as growing out of Vishnu’s navel – that God resting on the waters of space and his Serpent of Infinity – is the most graphic allegory ever made; the Universe evolving from the central Sun, the POINT, the ever-concealed germ.

Lakshmi, who is the female aspect of Vishnu, and who is called Padma, the lotus, is likewise shown floating at “Creation”, on a lotus flower, and during the “churning of the ocean” of space, springing from the “sea of milk”, like Venus from the froth.

The underlying idea in this symbol is very beautiful, and it shows, furthermore, its identical parentage in all the religious systems.

Whether in the lotus or water-lily shape it signifies one and the same philosophical idea – namely, the emanation of the objective from the subjective, divine Ideation passing from the abstract into the concrete or visible form.

For, as soon as DARKNESS – or rather that which is “darkness” for ignorance – has disappeared in its own realm of eternal light, leaving behind itself only its divine manifested Ideation, the creative Logoi have their understanding opened, and they see in the ideal world (hitherto concealed in the divine thought) the archetypal forms of all, and proceed to copy and build or fashion upon these models forms evanescent and transcendent.

At this stage of action, the Demiurge is not yet the Architect.

Born in the twilight of the action, he has yet to perceive the plan, to realize the ideal forms which lie buried in the bosom of Eternal Ideation, as the future lotus-leaves, the immaculate petals, are concealed within the seed of that plant.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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