primordial substance and divine thought

“The one prevailing, most distinct idea – found in all ancient teaching, with reference to Cosmic Evolution and the first “creation” of our Globe with all its products, organic and inorganic (strange word for an Occultist to use) – is that the whole Kosmos has sprung from the DIVINE THOUGHT.

This thought impregnates matter, which is co-eternal with the ONE REALITY; and all that lives and breathes evolves from the emanations of the ONE Immutable – Parabrahman = Mulaprakriti, the eternal one-root.

The former of these is, so to say, the aspect of the central point turned inward into regions quite inaccessible to human intellect, and is absolute abstraction;

whereas, in its aspect as Mulaprakriti – the eternal root of all – it gives one some hazy comprehension at least of the Mystery of Being.

Therefore, it was taught in the inner temples that:
“this visible universe of spirit and matter is but the concrete image of the ideal abstraction; it was built on the model of the first DIVINE IDEA.  Thus our universe existed from Eternity in a latent state.  The soul animating this purely spiritual universe is the central sun, the highest deity itself.  It was not the One who built the concrete from of the idea, but the first begotten”

The fragments of the systems that have now reached us are rejected as absurd fables.

Nevertheless, occult science – having survived even the great Flood that submerged the antediluvian giants and with them their very memory, except in the Secret Doctrine, the Bible and other scriptures – still holds the Key to all the world problems.

Let us apply that Key to the rare fragments of long-forgotten cosmogonies and try by their scattered parts to re-establish the once Universal Cosmogony of the Secret Doctrine.  The Key fits them all. 


No one can study ancient philosophies seriously without perceiving that the striking similitude of conception between all – in their exoteric form very often, in their hidden spirit invariably – is the result of no mere coincidence, but of a concurrent design:
❤ and that there was, during the youth of mankind, one language, one knowledge, one universal religion, when there were no churches, no creeds or sects,  but when every man was a priest unto himself.” ❤


H. P. Blavatsky

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