primordial substance and divine thought

“This “primordial Substance” is called by some Chaos; Plato and the Pythagoreans named it the Soul of the World after it had been impregnated by the Spirit of that which broods over the Primeval Waters, or Chaos.

It is being reflected in it, say the Kabbalists, that the brooding Principle created the phantasmagoria of a visible, manifested Universe.

Chaos, before – Ether, after, the “reflection”; it is still the deity that pervades all space and things. It is the invisible, imponderable Spirit of things and the invisible, but too tangible fluid that radiates from the fingers of the healthy magnetizer, for it is Vital Electricity – LIFE itself.

It is termed by the Theurgists and Occultists to this day “the living Fire”; and there is not a Hindu who practices at dawn a certain kind of meditation but knows its effects.

It is the “Spirit of Light” and Magnes.

Spirit, then, or Cosmic Ideation, and Cosmic Substance – one of whose principles is Ether – are one, and include the ELEMENTS, in the sense St. Paul attaches to them.

These Elements are the veiled Synthesis standing for Dhyani-Chohans, Devas, Sephiroth, Amshaspends, Archangels, etc., etc.

The Ether of science – the Ilus of Berossos, or the Protyle of Chemistry – constitutes, so to speak, the rude material (relatively) out of which the above-named “Builders”, following the plan traced out for them eternally in the DIVINE THOUGHT, fashion the systems in the Cosmos.

They are “myths”, we are told. “No more so than Ether and the Atoms”, we answer.

The two latter are absolute necessities of physical science; the “Builders” are as absolute a necessity of metaphysics.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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