understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have gone on very wonderfully issuing those Decrees for the gas belts and all that kind of thing.

Today I feel quite honored in becoming the spokesman who brings to your attention the outpicturing of this accomplishment, because I Myself have not had so great a part in it.

I have had to do some tremendous Work in Europe which demanded My Attention, and today it is wonderful beyond description.

With the continued faithfulness of the beloved Students to the Presence of Light, the “Mighty I AM”, and with an ever-increasing determination to release Its Mighty Power into the human octave, you will see your reward is at hand, if you care to look at it in that way.

Yet I plead with you, do not ever do anything for a reward. It is not the correct attitude, but the reward always comes. It is not quite the proper expression, but you are accustomed to using it.

Instead of the word “reward”, let us change it to “Victory”. Instead of your reward will come your Victory. It is very much better.

I tell you frankly, Beloved Ones, you have no idea how certain expressions which you have been accustomed to use, create certain conditions. You know every voiced expression creates a definite vibratory action, and it would be very much better if some of them were changed.

Notice the Great Wisdom of Saint Germain and the Others in bringing forth this Work. They demanded and have held imperatively to it, that all technical terminology, Oriental expression, and all that kind of thing be left out of this Work.

The Messengers, thank God, have been firm enough to stand by it and keep it out.

You have no idea, today, what it means to you by its being kept out, because a new world is before you in which everything will be Simplicity and the Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” in action.

Keeping out all the old worded expression is the only way it can be done.

***Technical terminology and involved phrasing of mankind was established to confuse the people.***

Today, it shall be no more!

*The greatest Power of Life answers your Calls and acts through the greatest Simplicity, with Purity and Honesty of Purpose.”*


Morya El

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