understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You think you have been doing great things in your Application. What do you suppose We have been doing in the meantime?

I know that you cannot think that this sounds egotistical, because an Ascended Being could not say egotistical things;


but I give you this reminder:    Whenever you have called the “Presence” into action to dissolve and consume discord and limitation, We have added Our Energy, Power, and Light to that which you have released, at least a hundredfold, because We have the Understanding and the clearness of Unlimited Vision to see what Our Power released does.

This you do not fully comprehend.

There are so many individuals among the Students in America, and now in the various parts of the World, who, if there were suddenly released to them the True Vision of their own individual accomplishment, I tell you, they would be dynamite from that hour on, because they are releasing tremendous power in the dissolving and consuming of the human creation.”


Morya El

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