understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Divine Director has rendered the most indescribable Service to your city, because it is hoped – and our little lady here (Mrs. Fisher), I see was getting the feeling – it is hoped to make this a mighty Focus of Light.

As the Messenger has written a very beautiful song, words, and music called “Rainbow Rays”, so should those Rainbow Rays connect with Los Angeles and make a powerful Focus at those two mighty points on the landed surface of America.

I cannot give you further explanation, just now, than that; but it would be a mighty thing.  Sometime later you will have the rest of the explanation.

You have seen the rainbow in the sky with its various activities; sometimes you have seen the complete circle.  If you were up in the air in an airplane, you would see the full rainbow in the complete circle.

The rainbow represents a certain activity, for it is a symbol of fulfillment to the Earth.

Now it is coming into a Cosmic Activity;  and the Great Cosmic Beings are bringing these colors into a Focus, through the Light Rays which your rainbow represents. That will be a Mighty Activity!

Notice – if the segment of your rainbow goes over or through the atmosphere to Los Angeles, then where do you suppose the rest of it is?  Oh, it is all there!  It goes right on around through the Earth and back here.

Then what does that do?

It is the Power of the Cosmic Light.  Through consciously directed Light Rays, containing all these qualities, the rainbow goes around and through the Earth. It regulates the power and activity of the gas belts by the Power of the Cosmic Light.

Now you see what your Call has done for three and a half years for this Protection. The opening day of your Class here in New York, that Rainbow – the complete circle – will take Its Dominion in America.

Then, you can understand why this Blessed One has had such an all-powerful, impelling force to issue these Decrees and do the Work in an untiring, marvelous manner, which would enable the Protection to be given.

What do you think that means?  I know this will make you all very happy.

It means that it will not be long until in New York and Los Angeles you will have your own Mighty Temples of Light, for the Service of the Messengers and yourselves whenever We wish to bring them here.

These two Focuses, according to My Idea, should be held invincible in America. I want you to see that this is the culmination and result of your mighty Decrees.”


Morya El

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