primordial substance and divine thought

“There is more wisdom concealed under the exoteric fables of Puranas and Bible than in all the exoteric facts and science in the literature of the world, and more OCCULT true Science, than there is of exact knowledge in all the academies.

Or, in plainer and stronger language, there is as much esoteric wisdom in some portions of the exoteric Puranas and Pentateuch, as there is of nonsense and of designed childish fancy in it, when read only in the dead-letter murderous interpretations of great dogmatic religions, and especially of sects.

Let anyone read the first verses of chapter 1 of Genesis and reflect upon them. There “God” commands to another “god”, who does his bidding – even in the cautious English Protestant translation of James the First’s authorized version.

In the “beginning”, the Hebrew language having no word to express the idea of Eternity, “God” fashions the heaven and the earth; and the latter is “without form, and void”, while the former is no Heaven in fact, but the “Deep”, Chaos, with darkness upon its face.


“And the Spirit of GOD moved upon the face of the Waters” (1:2), or the great Deep of the Infinite Space. And this Spirit is Narayana, or Vishnu.

“And God said, let there be a firmament…” (1:6), and “God”, the second, obeyed and “made the firmament” (1:7). “And God said let there be light”, and “there was light.”

Now the latter does not mean light at all, but in the Kabbalah, the androgyne “Adam Kadmon”, or Sephira (Spiritual light), for they are one;

or , according to the Chaldean Book of Numbers, the secondary angels, the first being the Elohim who are the aggregate of that “fashioning” god.

For to whom are those words of command addressed? And who is it who commands?

That which commands is the eternal Law, and he who obeys, the Elohim, known quantity acting in and with x, or the coefficient of the unknown quantity, the Forces of the ONE Force.

All this is Occultism, and is found in the archaic STANZAS. It is perfectly immaterial whether we call these “Forces” the Dhyani-Chohans, or the Ophannim, as St. John does.

“The one Universal Light, which to Man is Darkness, is ever existent”, says the Chaldean Book of Numbers.

From it proceeds periodically the ENERGY, which is reflected in the “Deep” or Chaos, the storehouse of future worlds, and, once awakened, stirs up and fructifies the latent Forces, which are the ever-present eternal potentialities in it.

Then awake anew the Brahmas and Buddhas – the co-eternal Forces – and a new Universe springs into being.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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