understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you, Beloved Students, you have no more idea than an infant what it would mean if all attention that has thus far been gained and focused were suddenly discontinued in America.

What do you suppose would happen inside of three months? I mean to individuals as well as the Nation.

We are determined that you blessed ones – who have been so loyal, so sincere and determined in your Application – are going to have your Heart’s Freedom, that you may go on rendering greater service.

Beloved Ones, if there are any of you who have been having difficulty with your financial supply, get it right down under your foot now and master it.

I tell you, the thing no longer has any power over you! Let us stop your human qualification right now!

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command of every mind and body that has any sense of financial limitation! Take out of them that feeling, whether it be fear or whatever difficulty it is, acting as financial limitation! Take it out right now and set them free! Take it out – cause, effect, and record! Set them free right now in the Power of their ‘Presence’, that their Calls may be answered with the speed of lightning and the power of complete release.””


Morya El

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