the mystery language and its keys

“Shall one, for fear of incurring the penalty of being called a superstitious fool, and even a liar, abstain from furnishing proofs – as good as any – only because that day, when all the SEVEN KEYS shall be delivered unto Science, or rather the men of learning and research in the symbological department, has not yet dawned?

In the face of the crushing discoveries of geology and anthropology with regard to the antiquity of men, shall we – in order to avoid the usual penalty that awaits every one who strays outside the beaten paths of either Theology or Materialism – hold to the 6,000 years and “special creation”, or accept in submissive admiration our genealogy and descent from the ape?

Not so, as long as it is known that the secret records hold the said SEVEN KEYS to the mystery of the genesis of man.

Faulty, materialistic, and biased as the scientific theories may be, they are a thousand times nearer the truth than the vagaries of theology. The latter are in their death agony for everyone but the most uncompromising bigot and fanatic.

Hence we have no choice but to blindly accept the deductions of science, or to cut adrift from it, and withstand it fearlessly to its face, stating what the Secret Doctrine teaches us, being fully prepared to bear the consequences.

The SEVEN KEYS open the mysteries, past and future, of the seven great Root Races, as of the seven Kalpas.

Though the genesis of man, and even esoteric geology, will surely be rejected by science just as much as the Satanic and pre-Adamic races, yet if having no other out of their difficulties the scientists have to choose between the two, we feel certain that, scripture notwithstanding, once the mystery language is approximately mastered, it is the archaic teaching that will be accepted.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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