the mystery language and its keys

“The stanzas show the cross and these numbers playing a prominent part in archaic cosmogony.

Meanwhile we may profit by the evidence collected by the same author to show the identity of symbols and their esoteric meaning all over the globe, which he calls rightly the “primordial vestiges of these symbols.”

“The Easter Isles in “mid Pacific” present the feature of the remaining peaks of the mountains of a submerged continent, for the reason that these peaks are thickly studded with cyclopean statues, remnants of the civilization of a dense and cultivated people, who must have of necessity occupied a widely extended area.

On the back of these images is to be found the “ansated cross” and some modified to the outlines of the human form.” (Skinner)

(Example Image: The Theosophical Society)

rosicrucian astro_theosophic_chart

Identical glyphs, numbers and esoteric symbols are found in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Easter Island, India, Chaldea, and Central Asia.

Crucified men, and symbols of the evolution of races from gods; and yet behold Science repudiating the idea of a human race other than one made in our image; theology clinging to its 6,000 years of Creation; anthropology teaching our descent from the ape; and the clergy tracing it from Adam 4,004 years B.C.!!”


H. P. Blavatsky

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