understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That same activity shall charge forth regarding your health, or the harmony you require in your feeling world.

There is no one person living who cannot from this moment hold absolute harmony in his feelings, if he will watch and at the slightest intimation of disturbance in his feelings, say, “Stop!” Any person on Earth can control it if he will.

Do not let any self-pity act now, Dear Hearts! Do not yield to anything or say, “I cannot do this”, or “I cannot do that.”

Instead say, “I can do anything, for ‘I AM’ the ‘Presence’ and Power!”

When you say, “I can’t”, you are saying the “Presence” can’t, because you cannot use “I” and not be the Power of the “Presence”.

When you say, “I AM”, that is the full release of the Power of the “Mighty I AM Presence” at your focus of Life right here, to do whatever is decreed.

For a moment, will you still yourselves and let this Power which has flooded the room, enfold you? Let It just be absorbed into your feeling world and your physical body, like a sponge absorbing water.

The charge is tremendous here in the room, and the Great Ones wish to give you all the Assistance possible.

Just for a moment close your eyes and feel It saturate your whole body, your feeling world, and your activity.

After a few moments of that, just silently say to your “Presence”:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, charge this forth into my world, my activity, for my financial Supply; for my perfect Health; for the Harmony of my being, and my blessing which I can pour out to all mankind through sustained Harmony in my feelings.””

Morya El

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