understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All of the Ascended Masters have said to you that heretofore in past centuries, whatever was considered mysterious, mystical, or occult is not mystical today. It is just your own Life being set into greater action!

I do not yet feel that it might be necessary or that it will be done; but were We to show you how mysticism, occultism, and all the things that seemed so mysterious were imposed upon mankind, you would be amazed.

It was not by Us, but by mankind’s own concepts.

The people themselves, through certain individuals, clothed this great Action of Life with mystery, because they did not know where the Individualized Presence of the “I AM” was nor how Its Energy was released.

saint germain God presence chart

That is what makes a thing mysterious. If you do not know its source, if you do not know what you are dealing with, then a thing is mysterious, is it not?

Realize this! Is there anything mysterious when you understand it?

From the smallest to the greatest, nothing is mysterious when you understand what it is and how it is acting.

Remember, you cannot do a thing in the world unless your own Life is acting; and your own “Presence” above gives you Its Life, Its Infinite Power!

Through your attention to your own Great Presence of Life, you can draw the intense, ever-increasing fullness of Life into action, into your body, and into your human octave of activity. That is where it is required.

Life is already full Dominion up there (pointing to “Presence” above).”


Morya El

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