understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I rejoice exceedingly in two very great surprises which are coming forth to you in the near future, bearing right upon this which I am talking about today.

Will you, everyone, try to feel that you cannot take a breath, you cannot move a finger unless the Power of your “Mighty I AM Presence” is acting and enabling you to do it. You cannot think a thought!

Let us clear the decks today concerning the Power of your own Freedom acting right here; and determine with all the Power and Activity of your “Presence”, to no longer accept discordant appearances in the outer world.

Beloved Ones, why do you still find it difficult to release yourselves from certain things? With one it is the health; with another it is the financial supply.

Just because you are unknowingly allowing your attention to fasten to the appearance of the condition!  Because your pocket seems to be empty, you declare you have no money.

From the appearance standpoint you do not have it in manifestation, but here (pointing above) you do have it.

saint germain God presence chart

Your “Presence” has all the money in creation – all you could ever use in the world; but because you are accepting the fact that your pocket or pocketbook is empty, it keeps your attention fixed upon the appearance.

The repellent force or fear, or whatever is acting, is depriving you because you give it more power in your sphere of activity, your physical focus here, than you do your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

You have not given the “Presence” the full Power which belongs to It. You do not give It the opportunity to act.

Will you take the same stand that the Messengers did when Saint Germain asked them to go forth? They did not have any money either. It was just enough to get to Philadelphia, but they put the whole activity up to the “Presence”.

They said:  “Now, ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, this is your Work! You have all the supply, money, and everything else that is required to supply us and send us forward, if You want to do it”, and the “Presence” did!

The “Mighty I AM Presence” answered!”


Morya El

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