the mystery language and its keys

“But while supposing that the whole cycle of the universal mystery language will not be mastered for whole centuries to come, even that which has been hitherto discovered in the Bible by some scholars is quite sufficient to demonstrate the claim – mathematically.


Judaism having availed itself of two keys out of the seven, and these two keys having been now rediscovered, it becomes no longer a matter of individual speculation and hypothesis, least of all of “coincidence”, but one of a correct reading of the Bible texts, as anyone acquainted with arithmetic reads and verifies an addition or total.

A few years longer and this system will kill the dead letter of the Bible, as it will that of all the other exoteric faiths, by showing the dogmas in their real, naked meaning.

And then this undeniable meaning, however incomplete, will unveil the mystery of Being, besides changing entirely the modern scientific systems of Anthropology, Ethnology, and especially that of Chronology.

The element of Phallicism, found in every God-name and narrative in the Old (and to some degree the New) Testament, may also in time considerably change modern materialistic views in Biology and Physiology.

Divested of their modern repulsive crudeness, such views of nature and man, on the authority of the celestial bodies and their mysteries, will unveil the evolutions of the human mind and show how natural was such a course of thought.

The so-called phallic symbols have become offensive only because of the element of materiality and animality in them.

As they originated with archaic races, which, issuing to their personal knowledge from an androgyne ancestry, were the first phenomenal manifestations in their own sight of the separation of sexes and the ensuing mystery of creating in their turn – such symbols were but natural.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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