the mystery language and its keys

“Moses, an Initiate into the Egyptian Mystagogy, based the religious mysteries of the new nation which he created upon the same abstract formula derived from this sidereal cycle, which he symbolized under the form and measurements of the tabernacle that he is supposed to have constructed in the wilderness.

On these data the later Jewish High Priests constructed the allegory of Solomon’s Temple – a building which never had a real existence, any more than had King Solomon himself, who is simply and as much a solar myth as is the still later Hiram Abif of the Masons.

Thus, if the measurements of this allegorical temple, the symbol of the cycle of Initiation, coincide with those of the Great Pyramid, it is due to the fact that the former were derived from the latter through the Tabernacle of Moses.

Every old religion is but a chapter or two of the entire volume of archaic primeval mysteries – Eastern Occultism alone being able to boast that it is in possession of the full secret, with its seven keys.

Comparisons will be instituted, and as much as possible will be explained in this work – the rest is left to the student’s personal intuition.

For in saying that Eastern Occultism has the secret, it is not as if a “complete” or even an approximate knowledge was claimed by the writer, which would be absurd.

What I know, I give out; that which I cannot explain, the student must find out for himself.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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