understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“With the opening of this coming Shrine Class you will find a new world opening before you.

The Cosmic Radiance is reaching a certain point of activity where every sincere individual who has been making his Call, will begin to find a response that he has not known heretofore.

I ask you to watch it in your individual lives! These things are mighty!

You are dealing with the great Laws of Life, Beloved Ones. It is not human opinion! It is no one’s imagination. You are dealing with definite Laws, and do not forget it.

To the degree that you obey Them, will you find everything which has been disturbing you quickly dissolving and disappearing from your world.

There are hundreds and hundreds and thousands of the blessed “I AM” Students in America today, who will soon begin to experience this with such definiteness and power that there will no longer be any question.

When you begin to feel this, feel your Dominion; feel more and more humble each day.

Then as you gain strength, power, and energy in the release through the Call to your “Presence”, you will pour forth such a Power of Freedom and Blessing to your fellowman, your environment, and your associates, as you never did before.”



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