understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Just think, Dear People, all that is asked of you is to harmonize yourselves, make your earnest, determined Call and keep it up. Not a single thing in the world can stand any longer between you and your “Presence”.

The Light knows no opposition! It just flows into your world, and that is the end of human creation. It is so easy.

Only because mankind has not quite felt the seriousness of inflexible Obedience individually, they think, “Oh well, I can let go of this feeling now; then I will call on the Law of Forgiveness and get by.”

I would suggest you never do such a thing anymore. Do not make that mistake!

We love you, oh, you cannot imagine how much; but I say to you – and I use your terminology again – do not kid yourselves! I mean that very seriously!

You have all authority, ability, and power to keep yourselves harmonized and allow the great Infinite Power of Light to flow forth and do Its Perfect Work for you.

If you will not do it, then you can blame no one but yourselves.”



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