understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, as We were looking over your city and seeing what was required for the coming Class, Our Hearts, oh, how Our Hearts rejoiced! There were great Streams of Light and Energy going up from hundreds of individuals in your city and environment.

For your great earnestness, We just stopped and gave praise and thanks to the Source of all Life that is possible today for mankind to be so awakened, to be so earnest in this Call that it is tangible and visible to Us.

With some of you who have had moments when you wondered how much your progress had been – if you had seen it, I am sure nothing could hold you here long.

It is a remarkable thing how, in the Great Law of Life, mankind must reach a certain state of Advancement – in other words, a certain state in the Expansion of their own Light; or, as I prefer to put it, a certain attitude of Radiation – when like that (wave of hand) all the lower element just like a curtain draws back.

❤ Then you enter into the Glory which is the Real You! ❤

❤ You are so magnificent! These garments which you wear do not always have such perfect appearance – I mean the garments of flesh. But still, You – the Reality – are so beautiful, so Perfect. ❤

Oh, you are standing so much nearer to that Perfection today than a single one of you in this room realizes!

Oh, may My Words be Strength, Encouragement, and great Courage to you to go on and on, until the complete Victory is sure.

Then when you look back upon the achievement and find all which has held and bound you is dissolved form your world, what a rejoicing!

In all the world there is nothing so magnificent.”



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