understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice, how every time the Beloved Messengers have left your city, all kinds of stories run rampant; but when the Messengers return, all such foolishness dissolves and fades out.

Perhaps you would like to know just how that comes about.

In the first place, it is because the Messengers are humble and loyal to the Light, the “Presence”, and the Ascended Masters.

In the next place, they have become so vividly aware of what has been said to you repeatedly – that when you call the “Presence” into action, It knows no resistance or interference.

They have become so aware of it, that when they call the “Presence” into action, they know positively the thing called for is done.

Beloved Ones, will you please do the same thing? Your “Presence” is the Infinite Power of the Universe. In Its Activity It knows no interference. It simply goes into action to produce the results you require in your individual lives or in America.

I tell you, the accumulated discord has no power to intrude into the Heart of this Planet, which is America!

It has no power! Therefore, We join you in declaring that the appearance world no longer has any power to spread its discord to agitate mankind.

As you continue to call this Infinite Power into action, It goes forth and govern all such conditions, including individuals. We have seen destructive desires taken out of agitators in an instant, and that has stopped destructive action.”


God Tabor

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